Fredrik Callinggard @ Bully Pictures

Fredrik Callinggard wanted to be a director from a young age and started his film career as full-time DP shooting big stars like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Depeche Mode, Enya, Peter Gabriel, Nick Cave, and New Order among others. He garnered international acclaim in 2000 when he got a MTV Best Cinematophraphy nomination for the Madonna music video "American Pie".

His directing career launched with bang by winning the prestigious Gold Lion at Cannes for his IKEA "Dream Kitchens" among many other international awards for the campaign. He has since done tons of work  and has won lots of international awards for clients including T-Mobile, Coca-Cola, Smirnoff, Pepsi, Coors Light, Amstel, Volvo, Pfizer, and the US Government among many others. 

His special brand of visceral storytelling coupled with realistic and organic effects has made him an extremely sought after director worldwide. He constantly broadens his work base with new conceptual challenges and clients. He is a true technical problem solver with the unique ability to cut to the very heart of human storytelling to achieve memorial emotional performances in his work. 

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Ergin Kuke @ Bully Pictures

Ergin Kuke is a multidisciplinary, hands-on creative director, live action director and vfx supervisor, specializing in building and leading creative teams in the filed of advertising, motion potion, broadcast, experiential and interactive. 

Through the year he has been a child actor, bartender, literary translator, writer, teacher, publisher of sociopolitical newspaper, war guide for the Washington Post, Emmy nominated visual effects supervisor and advertising creative director. Arguably, his greatest achievement is his seres of post-production tutorials which have been cracked and downloaded worldwide; hopefully helping the next generation of artists.

Ergin has been written about in the LA Times, Wired, and Shoot Magazine, he has been nominated for an Emmy, a MTV music video award, was somehow awarded a cultural ambassador order from the president of Albania and his work is on permanent display at the Peterson Automotive Museum.

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Laurence Dunmore @ The Cavalry productions

Laurence Dunmore encompasses the true essence of a cinematic visual storyteller - films resonating with a captivating style defined by character performance and arresting visuals - receiving critical acclaim in the process. From a background in graphic design and art direction Laurence made his mark in film with music videos before advertising where he was soon recognised as Commercial Directions Creative Future by industry magazine Creative Review. Followed by a Cannes Gold Lion for the uniquely humorous ‘Metamorphosis’, defining the sustained carnal pleasures of reincarnation for AXE/Lynx. His surreal and irreverent comedies for Adidas won a Silver Lion and Gold D&AD pencil whilst films for Fallon and BMW earned Dunmore his first AICP award.

His work for clients American Express, Dodge, AT&T, ING, Liberty Mutual, Bank of America, Cadillac, Ford, Mercedes, Dewar’s, Jameson, Lexus and Turkish Airlines established Laurence’s reputation as a film maker with passion and original vision. His spot ‘The Other Wall’ for Tullamore D.E.W. was cited by Creativity as “The Alcohol ad that all ads should aspire to”, naming it one of the top ten films of the year. Laurence continued award winning work for luxury brands Hermes, Diesel and Giorgio Armani winning an EPICA for Direction and Cinematography in 2016 for his stunning Terre D’Hermes campaign.

Laurence’s collaboration with John Malkovich on a quirky Eurostar spot lead to the realisation of his vision to create longer form film. Laurence’s first feature ‘The Libertine’, starring Johnny Depp, Samantha Morton, Rosamund Pike and John Malkovich was nominated for seven British Independent Film awards, including two for direction.

Laurence has never shied away from films with social issue or a controversial stand producing work challenging the preconceptions of skin color for The Commission for Racial Equality and championing women’s equality in the workplace for ‘Change for Good’. His latest films for Tullamore D.E.W. saw Laurence craft cinematic stories rich with social poignancy addressing immigration, acceptance, and integration in the resonant ‘Beauty of Blend’ campaign. 

Laurence is most inspired when immersed in film - ideas made real through collaborative vision and defined focus - pushing the boundaries a little more each time. “I am excited to be partnering with The Cavalry and sharing a vision and passion for film across all formats and platforms, inspiring the character, performance and storytelling I love with the possibility and compliment of new technologies.”

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Deluxe @ The Cavalry productions

Deluxe is a collective of directors made up of Stephane Leloutre (a director and artistic director) and Julien Zidi (a director and a scriptwriter).

Their mixed skills are the main foundation of this duet, as their work focuses on the visual and conceptual creativity. The diversity of their work is a strong and mutual desire. They want to offer a permanent and constant creative. 

Both passionate by sound and image, their work is always seconded by a special and dedicated music research.

Deluxe is also a production studio specialized in graphic creation and a music production company turned towards festivals and concerts events. This work of the DELUXE duet, comes from the combination of 2 creative, graphic, and artistic spirits.

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Gregor Nicholas @ THe cavalry Productions

Gregor Nicholas is a highly awarded commercial director. Among his accolades have been Gold Axis awards, Cannes Lions, the Croisette d'Or Grand Prix at the Cannes Music Film Awards, as well as numerous honors at prestigious film festivals like Venice, Berlin, and Chicago. His internationally acclaimed semi-autobiographical short film "Avondale Dogs" is on the Guardian's list of the ten best short films of all time.

Gregor’s commercial work demonstrates incredible range – from wry comedy to emotionally authentic drama and large-scale highly choreographed action, his consummate and inventive storytelling shines. And as for the finely nuanced performances he pulls from actors and non-actors alike, Gregor always brings great character, detail and atmosphere to his work, creating a real sense of humanity and truth to all of his projects. His ability to capture moments of intimate drama or subtle humor with his actors is the trademark of his filmmaking, which has enriched the creative ideas of clients like Heineken, Nike, Toyota, Gatorade, Volkswagen, BMW and Adidas.


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Ben Perry @ HobNob Productions

Born in ‘the potteries’ of stoke-on-trent and raised in the bucolic dorset countryside, Ben Perry is a man of contrasts. He began his career as a filmmaker early and by the time he graduated from AIB film school, Ben has already won 3 Kodak commercial awards for a spec ‘Dove’ commercial that aimed to redefine how we see beauty. Shot with non actors on a shoe-string budget Ben had already shown a keen sensibility for naturalistic performance and an eye for striking contemporary visuals.

He was soon nominated for a D&AD award for his ‘Chevrolet - Power of Play’ commercial, which explored football as a means of combating stigma toward people living with HIV in Banding, Indonesia. Since then Ben has shot commercials all over the world, working with actors, celebrities and non-actors alike and has built up a stack of clients including Hyundai, Vodafone, P&G, SC Johnson, Foster & Partners and more.

Ben’s work is deeply grounded in reality, but a reality captured in the most beautiful, nuanced way. Combining naturalistic performance with astounding cinematic visuals, he carefully dissects the textures of real life. Though his work often has a sense of spontaneity, it is expertly crafted, using both lucidity and improvisation as tools to tell stories that have real impact.


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PIC.SY @ The Lab Plus

The Lab Plus is a studio of next generation technology with a unique offering of a robotic motion capture systems, including the PIC.SY camera.




Scott DW @ A Separate Entity

One of the most prolific film makers to emerge from YouTube. With an ability to meld beautiful cinematics with quirky comedic undertones and killer soundtracks that Scott DW composes himself, helped his YouTube channel surpass 1M subscribers. Scott's global hit video High School Dance Battle that he directed for HTC has 74M views. Scott also directed YouTube Red's most successful movie to date for online sensation Lilly Singh "A Trip to Unicorn Island."

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Matt enlow @ a separate entity

An Alumni from Comedy Central and College Humor, Matt Enlow made his mark creating the award winning online series "Squareseville."     Matt also directed a series for Lisa Kudrow entitled Shitty Boyfriends and currently wrapped on a series for Go90.   Matts commercials include Whiska's, Degree, TimeWarner and many others.

FORD + Ellen Degeneres
"Life's First Evers"
Episode 1: Jeannie's Story

Ford + Ellen Degeneres
Life's first evers
Episode 2: Long Lost Siblings



We are a creative production company in the Bay Area of California. We represent 4 ambitious award-winning directors. Started by a decade-long group of collaborators from all over the world, we landed here to tell stories and create together. From music videos, commercials, and films, to digital short and long-form content, Scandinavia loves it all. 

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