Commercial Film Representation


Influencer: Director & Writer

Influencer: Directors & WRiters

One of the most prolific film makers to emerge from YouTube, ScottDW’s  High School Dance Battle for HTC  broke 85M views and his Grade School Dance Battle for Best Fiends has 35M views and still growing 2M a month. Scott’s melding of beautiful cinematics with comedic undertones has created a unique voice whose channel has surpassed 210M views. Scott also creates his own music for his videos.  Scott is also developing a movie with Lorenzo DiBonaventura producing.                   

 Brands: Anheuser-Busch, Ford, Oreos, HP, Sphero, HTC, Mattel.


Matt is one of the premier filmmakers emerging from the online world. Having written and created the award winning Squaresville, Matt has just finished Directing a series for New Form and Lisa Kudrow entitled Shitty Boyfriends starring Sandra Oh. Additionally, he was nominated for an Emmy for his work on Key and Peele’s Mike and Vandaveon.

In branded entertainment, Matt directed the Ken Marino Degree campaign for College Humor. Other brands include Aquafina, Vh1, Coke, Kool Aid, AM/PM and Whiskas.

Aaron Hatch aka Fresh Big Mouf is a music artist know for “Beat Scouting.” By collecting organic sounds, Aaron creates original songs that are high energy and lots of fun. His videos incorporate all the sound collection and edited to capture the spirit of the music and environment.

eat Scouts: 
Can't Hurry Love w/ Kina Grannis
"Ho Hey" at Hamburger Stand

Brands: LiptonToyotaFedex


A.Todd is the master behind Bellpond Studios, a production company that focuses on story-based visually unique commercials, shorts, and feature films. A.Todd creates videos of spectacular quality combining pop culture, visual effects and comedic elements. His Chatbooks advertisementreached over 70 million views while his Deadpool vs Candy Crush video has now caught the attention of many Hollywood studios.  With his comedic action quality in Mobile Strike, ATodd has captured the attention of Madison Avenue as well.


A recent graduate from the University of Michigan film program, Al’s first web series The Interns was inspired from his experience working at Ben Stiller’s Red Hour production company.

The Interns:
The Office Cocaine
Wes Shaved

A British transplant, Tim has made a name for himself online with his quick witted adrenaline infused action comedy. Modeling himself as a young Edgar Wright, Tim has recently wrapped filming two pilots for Ron Howard’s Newform Digital.

Project: Library Trailer
Bad Burglars


Founded by director Jason Schnell (pictured left), Reckless Tortuga creates hit series that intersect YouTube and Gaming communities. Schnell brings comedic shorts and parodies to their YouTube audience every month like GTA in Real Life. Their hit series Online Gamer has a huge following as well as their latest series Co-Op about a house full of YouTube Gamers.

Reckless also produced 50 episodes of “Extra Butter Please” a short form digital series for MTV.

Jason’s directorial debut “Bad Roomies” releases November 2015 and is currently in Pre-production on his second movie with the production company Digital Riot.