- HTC Vive is sponsoring SPECTACLE's VR film - 
The Extraordinary Honey Bee from Director Jason Zada for Haagen Dazs!

HTC Vive created VR FOR IMPACT, an initiative aimed at funding positive VR content, and SPECTACLE was a recipient of their first grant. The Extraordinary Honey Bee shrinks the viewer to the size of a honey bee and portrays their plight and the negative impact their shirking population has our world. A glimpse into a world that could be our future...Below is the trailer [viewable on all browsers] and the VR film releases on Viveport in June. 

WHO: Jason Zada @ SPECTACLE VR for Haagen Dazs
WHY: There are plenty of sponsorship opportunities within the VR world, this is an example of just that. 
Comments are always appreciated...Enjoy!
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