New Signing at The Cavalry Productions

The Cavalry Productions has signed Kiran (Kiran Koshy), one of the breakout commercial directorial talents of the past year. Kiran’swork for Organic Doggie Treats and Atomic Candy, all directed in-house whilst a creative director at Innocean Worldwide, won him a BronzeClio, a pair of LIA statues, multiple Epicas, a Gold National Addy, and got him featured in SHOOT’s New Directors Showcase. 

He made the Best New Director shortlists at the Kinsale Shark Awards, the LIAs, and was featured in Shots, Adweek, and the New Talent section of Little BlackBook, all while an unsigned agency creative.

Comedy and music are often universal and defy stereotypical demographics. Kiran has the unique ability of using comedic timing that relates toand touches audiences from vastly different worlds. He has a strong male voice that can easily relate to women and men. In his campaign forSummers Eve, directed by Jeremy Bartel, “That’s Vaginal”, he put a spotlight on the double standard between men and women’s parts beingvoiced on television. Using a cat puppet and turning the word “Vaginal” into the new awesome. In this campaign, like many others, he drawsthe audience in with his wit and keeps them involved by encouraging them to participate.

Kiran understand the power of social media in today’s world and in this campaign created a twitter for the cat puppet. In recent campaigns like his Wes Anderson style spot for the Thousand Dollar Shave Club, he received 7.3 million views on YouTube and created a contest in which the viewer could win a trophy for procreating. Kiran has worked with acclaimed directors like Danny Kleinman, Brian Beletic Aaron Stoller, Frederik Bond, Martin Krejci, and Mike McGuire. His print campaign for Atomic Candy featuring the Presidential Election which now take permanent residency at the Poster House in NYC completely dedicated to posters, opening in 2019.

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New Signing at The Cavalry Productions

The Cavalry Productions has signed director Laurence Dunmore for commercials and digital work in the U.S. Dunmore is a lauded Cannes Lion-winning director with credits for American Express, Dodge, AT&T, ING, Liberty Mutual, Bank of America, BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Mercedes, Dewar’s, Jameson, Lexus and Turkish Airlines.

Prior to The Cavalry, Dunmore was handled by production house Superprime, which he joined in 2015 after a lengthy tenure with RSA Films. He continues to be repped in France by The Gang Films.
Dunmore began his career in graphic design and art direction in the media and music industries before moving into directing. Dunmore was quickly signed by RSA, where he made a string of award-winning commercials and films.

Dunmore is also known for directing The Libertine, a feature film starring Johnny Depp. While shooting a Eurostar commercial with John Malkovich, the actor gave Dunmore the script for The Libertine, a darkly humorous Restoration-era drama which would become Dunmore’s feature film debut. The film was a visceral immersion into the troubled genius and debauched life of John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester. It was nominated for seven British Independent Film awards, including two for direction.

Dunmore has directed a number of iconic campaigns, perhaps none more so than for Tullamore DEW. “The Other Wall” spot features four friends dressed for a funeral, sitting on a wall in the rain, lamenting the demise of their brother Jerry, only to find Jerry’s funeral is his wedding. Or was his wedding his funeral? The spot took Silver at Cannes. Dunmore’s credits also span luxury brand work for Diesel, Giorgio Armani and Hermes, the latter winning an EPICA for Direction and Cinematography for his stunning 2016 Terre D’Hermes campaign.

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The Cavalry Productions in Shoot Magazine

The Cavalry Producitons' Céline Tricart's POV: Directing VR in a War Zone—"The Sun Ladies"

I was teaching VR in San Francisco when I received an unforgettable call. It was Maria Bello, trying to produce a documentary on the Sun Ladies; women fighting against ISIS. She asked me if I could be in Iraq next week to shoot and direct. I said yes, hung up and cried.

Days later in Erbil inside Iraqi Kurdistan, my heart was pounding. I met one of our producers, Dylan Roberts, and co-director Christian Stephen, both filmmakers and war journalists. We spent six days in Iraq, from the Syrian border to refugee camps in Dohuk, interviewing Yazidi women who had been taken as sex slaves when ISIS invaded Iraq. They are now fighting back with AK-47s and sheer determination to free their captive sisters.

Shooting 360° isn’t easy, even more true in Iraq. Our camera (generously supplied by Google) was the best VR camera in the world, but it also looked like an improvised explosive device, making every checkpoint crossing stressful. When I met the Sun Ladies, I was blown away by their incredible strength and beauty. I also noticed how similar we were. If not for the uniform and machine guns, they were like other women, braiding each other’s hair and sharing photos. That’s why I our film makes people  emotional: It’s not about victims of war, it’s not about unattainable movie super-heroines. It’s about you and me. The Sun Ladies and us are the same, just the world around us is different.

Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, we offered our audience the choice to write letters to the Sun Ladies. An emotional crowd gathered around the table, picking up pens and paper to write. The day we left, Xate’s second in command, Fahima, came to me and whispered in my ear: “I love you.” I cannot wait to get back to deliver the letters and tell her “me too.”

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The Cavalry Productions in Shoot Magazine

The Cavalry Productions' Travis Hanour Imparts Tough Poetic Love In Nike Spot

A rain-soaked cab ride through Manhattan and tough love speech highlights this regional NY area, client-direct spot for Nike’s new OBJ-AF1 shoe. 

A young, talented athlete with familiar bleached, spiked hair sits in the back of the cab one night, as native NY son/poet/actor Lemon Andersen plays cabbie while reciting a powerful NYC manifesto. Want to be remembered by sports fans in the world’s greatest city? “Your Hustle gotta be on even when you’re off duty,” Andersen said, looking into his rear-view mirror to see if the young man is listening. “You gotta give the kids on the corner a reason to hang your cleats from the traffic lights. ‘Cause when it’s all said and done, you can win here. You can break records, You can shine like a star. But they don’t crown stars here--only champions.”

This poetic cab ride has a noir feel and was directed by Travis Hanour of The Cavalry Productions.

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Somoroff+ Studios in Shoot Magazine

Director Michael Somoroff, EP Jack cohn Launch Somoroff+ Studios

Director Michael Somoroff and veteran executive producer Jack Cohn have launched content production company Somoroff+ Studios. Housed at in international art destination, Manna Contemporary in Jersey City -- the sprawling arts complex is just 15 minutes from SoHo-- the new studio is designed to see the needs of global marketers and their ad agencies. 

Somoroff is an accomplished tabletop director whose career includes extensive credentials, both in the U.S. and Europe. Prior to launching Somoroff+ Studios,  he established and led the tabletop studio at MacGuffin Films, where as sr. partner he played a key role in the company’s growth and success. Partnering with him on this new venture is Cohn, who built the careers of many of the industry’s leading directorial talents. 
Somoroff noted, “Clients’ needs have evolved, and the amount of content they require has exploded. I’ve have never seen a greater need for excellent production work like today. With budgets being spread across so many additional platforms, it’s an environment that screams for innovation and problem solving, something we find very seductive. We want to be at the cutting edge, and we’re willing to invest in projects to prove it.”
Cohn added, “Our model is built around finding solutions for our clients, both financially and creatively. We provide flexible creativity in every area with the utmost in terms of high quality production value for varying budgets. We do this in large part by relying on teamwork, tapping a group that’s highly experienced yet can work in a flexible, collaborative manner, and backing them up with a fully equipped, world-class production facility--soup to nuts.”

The company opens with an expansive and growing roster of directors whose experience spans the areas of food, beverage, casual dining and QSR brands, as well as lifestyle, fashion, beauty and apparel. Leading the roster, in addition to Somoroff himself, are two acclaimed masters of the tabletop arts, Vittorio Sacco and Etienne Proulx. Longtime friends, the three are now united under a single production banner, offering clients expertise in the creation of moving and still images for food and beverage brands.

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Scandinavia in Rolling Stone

Press for Scandinavia's music video for
The War on Drugs

A young punk and a green giant hit the road in the goofy eyes poignant new video for the War on  Drugs' "Nothing to Find". The Track appears on the Philadelphia outfit's new album, A Deeper Understanding. 

Ben Fee directed the clip, which stars actress Sophia Lillis as one half of an unlikely couple — the other being a large humanoid figure comprised of moss, grass and leaves. The War on Drugs' propulsive "Nothing to Find" provides the perfect soundtrack for their remarkable journey as they speed across an open desert highway in an old car (also covered in foliage), shoplift snacks from a rest stop, shoot pool and dance around an empty billiards hall.

Throughout the journey, Lillis' character tries to keep her mate trimmed and waterered, but no amount of care can stave off the inevitable march of nature. As the sun falls, the green giant – many of his leaves now brown – collapses to the ground. When Lillis' character wakes up the next morning, her partner has returned to the earth, leaving a lone branch in her arms.

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Ben Fee @ Scandinavia directed the War on Drugs' music video, "Nothing to Find",
staring Sophia Lillis (IT) IMDB.
 Additional profiles:  NPRPitchfork,  Spin,  Paste,  Bustle,  Uproxx,  Stereogum, and many more.

New Signing

Miller + Miller signs Bully Pictures

Richard & Chloé are very pleased to announce their latest signing - Bully Pictures!

Bully's roster includes feature film directors like Anne Fletcher (Free the Bid), Dustin Lance Black, Morten Tyldum, and Taylor Steele. As well as traditional commercial directors like Fredrick Callinggard, Kim Jacobsen, Javier AguileraRoderick Fenske, RJ Collins and more.....

New Free The Bid Director

MB Klinger signs with The Cavalry Productions

The Cavalry Productions signed comedy Director Meslissa Bolton-Klinger for spots work, branded content and virtual reality. Bolton-Klinger has directed A-list talent like Amy Schumer, The Rock, Ray Romano, Snoop Dog, Kevin Hart and many more.

“We are all fully aware there are far too few female directors in the media landscape and even fewer in the comedy and action genres. Melissa is here to change that,” says Tanya Cohen. “She’s a badass”

Bolton-Klinger studied at L.A.’s infamous improv and comedy troupe, The Groundlings. Working with a vast array of talented people at The Groundlings helped Bolton-Klinger hone her craft in terms of directing talent. She has flawless comedic timing, whether it be subtle nuanced humor and performance, or more raunchy bathroom style! Her brand of funny starts with her owns sassy sense of humor, with always makes the collaboration inspiring and entertaining. 

A Separate Entity in Business Insider

Velcro wants you to stop using the term 'Velcro' incorrectly - a catchy music video explains why

The legal team at Velcro is, according to a new tounge-in-cheek video, fed up with people misusing the brand’s name to refer to she’s and wallets that use generic fastening technology. 

They are not “velcro shoes” or “velcro wallets” the company insists, but sheds and wallets with hook-and-loop fasteners. 

To drive the point home, the company today release a music video of (apparent) Velcro employees taking turns in rhapsodic verse, decrying the ways people incorrectly use the brand in everyday life. 

“We’re a company that’s so successful, that everywhere you go you see this hairy, scratchy fasteners and you , ‘Hey! That’s velcro!” a male “employee” in a suit begins, before dishing the next verse to a businesswoman. “But even though we invited this stuff, our patent, lapsed forty years ago. Now no matter who else makes it, you still want to call it ‘velcro.’ “

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Penn Holderness (A Separate Entity) wrote and directed this video for Velcro.
Additional Press includes: Mashable, USA Today, NY Daily News, and more....

Variety Profiled Laura Clery's Comedy Central Snapchat Sketch Series

Laura Clerly (@ A Separate Entity) wrote, directed, and stared in her sketch series for Comedy Central premiering Tuesday, September 12 on Comedy Central's SnapChat discover channel . 

Laura has over 3.2 million followers on Facebook and 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

Variety profiled Larry Shapiro & Jonathon Ker's production company A Separate Entity

A Separate Entity is a next generation production company shaping the next wave of Advertising. These directors were born in this digital age and have been creating content for their own social media channels for quite some time. A Separate Entity has curated the top talent of these Youtube, Facebook creators to offer production solutions to advertisers.
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