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Scandinavia in Rolling Stone

Press for Scandinavia's music video for
The War on Drugs

A young punk and a green giant hit the road in the goofy eyes poignant new video for the War on  Drugs' "Nothing to Find". The Track appears on the Philadelphia outfit's new album, A Deeper Understanding. 

Ben Fee directed the clip, which stars actress Sophia Lillis as one half of an unlikely couple — the other being a large humanoid figure comprised of moss, grass and leaves. The War on Drugs' propulsive "Nothing to Find" provides the perfect soundtrack for their remarkable journey as they speed across an open desert highway in an old car (also covered in foliage), shoplift snacks from a rest stop, shoot pool and dance around an empty billiards hall.

Throughout the journey, Lillis' character tries to keep her mate trimmed and waterered, but no amount of care can stave off the inevitable march of nature. As the sun falls, the green giant – many of his leaves now brown – collapses to the ground. When Lillis' character wakes up the next morning, her partner has returned to the earth, leaving a lone branch in her arms.

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Ben Fee @ Scandinavia directed the War on Drugs' music video, "Nothing to Find",
staring Sophia Lillis (IT) IMDB.
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