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Summer is officially over which leaves us in back-to-work-mode, fortunately for us, our work isn’t all that hard. Our eyes and brains do most of the work, while our fingers do the heavy lifting.

Here’s a quick download of ALL the changes happening at Miller + Miller. We’ve kept it brief, intentionally, so hit us back with Qs and reel requests.
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Founder & Executive Producer, Tanya Cohen started her own company, Slash/Dynamic. This female-owned Live Action & Emerging Media production company boasts a roster of highly awarded get-me directors like Laurence Dunmore and Travis Hanour, participates in the Free The Bid initiative, and offers a team of emerging media experts from all around the world, known as Adjacent. (Click here to learn more about the Adjacent team)

Slash / Dynamic launch press: WebsiteLittle Black Book, Source Creative
  • Laurence Dunmore traveled all around Colorado shooting with The Stanley Brothers. Yes, that herb-friendly family company known for their best-selling product, Charlotte's Web. Expected in early October.
  • The get-me director for athletic lifestyle Travis Hanour directed a campaign for TaylorMade. Adweek loved it and you can check it out here.
  • The Rube Goldberg experts, Syyn Labs, created another giant Rube Goldberg model, "Boomsday" for HearthStone. This project was especially challenging because the "extremely easy and manageable" aspect known as  was incorporated. The press loved it, especially Newsweek. Here's a breakdown on all of the complexities of this SINGLE TAKE film:
    • 63 physical interactions
    • 3 custom built fireball cannons
    • 2 electromagnets
    • 1 propane bubble maker
    • 1 Flame Thrower (1800 degrees)
    • Sparks, fire, rockets, electric bolts from a Tesla Coil, a 25lb block of ice used as kinetic objects, and 1 Pyro Tech with 5 fire extinguishers that we luckily NEVER had to use. 
    • Production Time:
      • 4 weeks to concept. 2 weeks to build. 2 days to run. 
    •  Watch Boomsday here.
  • Director / DP Ben Perry is a go-to director for luxury brand campaigns including BMW, SKII, London Tower, Bose, and more. His latest project, a global campaign for AMAN, the luxury hotel. This campaign profiled the Amanjena (Morocco) location, with smooth film grammar that gracefully tells the story of the AMANJENA. Ben's film embodies the brand's identity through authentic performances and visually peaceful and serene storytelling. Don't miss it - watch it here
  • Director / Stop-Motion Director, Ithyle Griffith, just wrapped one of the most relatable Lotto campaigns we've ever seen. Vignette visual storytelling with a smile. We started smiling in the first vignette and by the last one we were LOLing. Click here for that relatable laugh
  • The HobNob Team welcomes Chris Crawford as the Head of Production & Dennis DiSalvo as Executive Producer!
  • Ben Fee directed a family-friendly campaign for Target. Watch that here.
  • Jim Beam is launching a new product and they asked Ben Fee to direct their product launch. They just wrapped the shoot and it's beautiful! Expect to hear more about this next month. 
  • The song  "Fortunate Son " by Creedence Clearwater celebrated it's 50th anniversary this year. To commemorate the milestone, Ben Fee was selected to direct the revival music video. Click here for a trip down memory lane. 
  • ATODD directed another installment to the comedic Chatbooks campaign, the first video went viral (75Million+ views on YouTube) and this one is just as good - peep it here.
  • Matt Enlow directed 2 branded content series (Ford & Buick) for Ellen Degeneres' social channels, EllenTube. Matt's Buick campaign was so well received, it aired on her broadcast show, The Ellen Show. Watch this warm, secret proposal tear-jerker here.
  • ATODD just wrapped another successful Purple Mattress social campaign. He's your guy for direct response advertising.
  • Morten Tyldum (Passengers, The Imitation Game) has been especially busy. He directed the pilot episode for the Tom Clancy novel, Jack Ryan, streaming on Amazon Prime. (John Krasinski & a Tom Clancy novel...yes, please!) Additionally, he just wrapped a campaign with BBDO for Cognizant, expected to air next month. Peep the Jack Ryan trailer here
  • *NEW DIRECTOR * Duane Crichton joins the roster. A dialog, storytelling-with-a-smile director with a great people & food reel, as well. Watch Duane's reel here
  • Roderick Fenske is heating up with period piece humor - between his AICP shortlisted Las Vegas Tourism Campaign and his Straight Up Tea commercial (airing nonstop) Roderick's spending most of his "time" in the early 20th century. Watch these two comedic period pieces here.
  • TGIFriday's tapped Michael Somoroff to direct this Baby's Got Back campaign promoting TGIFriday's ribs. Drool over it here.  
  • Red Lobster has taken all creative responsibilities in-house with Somoroff+ Studios. They are handling all aspects of marketing including content creation & production for: Broadcast, Print, Digital, Social, and Merchandising. The first brand video is airing now and it's stunning - watch it here.
Lastly, we gave our digital presence a face lift. An advertising production resource by day and website designer / creative consultants by night.
Peep our new site!
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