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A Separate Entity

A Separate Entity


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We Are A Separate Entity.
A Creative driven Production Company.
Built upon the strengths of Digitally Native Creators.
Backed by Seasoned Traditional Expertise.
Delivering Engaging Content for and
beyond Traditional Platforms.



For almost 3 decades, Jonathon Ker has distinguished himself as a man with a keen eye for discovering talent and opportunity in the world of content creation.

He has launched some of the world’s most exciting filmmaking careers with artists such as Michel Gondry and Gore Verbinski, yet his success leading the production companies behind them is no less impressive.

Jonathon has always been at the forefront of the industry, propelling artists and brands forward with his keen sense for what’s to come in content. 

Though proud of his creative endeavors with the likes of Coca-cola, AMEX, Nike, U2, Michael Jackson, Eminem, HBO, VH1 and the Coppolas, Jonathon is more excited than ever about moving into the new virtual content frontier, pushing boundaries, delighting audiences and breathing fresh life into some of the greatest works of all time in his next adventure: Shakespeare VR.


Larry Shapiro has a successful 20+ year track record of managing and producing creative in all forms of media and pioneering the convergence between Silicon Valley and Hollywood.

Larry started his career producing at Propaganda Films for some of the biggest directors in Music Videos.  Always working with creatives who reached the youth,  Larry moved on to create the industry’s first and leading Games Division for Creative Artists Agency (CAA).  During his tenure at CAA, Larry conceived of and brokered innovative and successful entertainment deals for, among others, Jerry Bruckheimer, Will Wright, Halo, Gears of War, Valve and Guitar Hero.  

In 2013 Larry got involved in online media helping build the talent division for Fullscreen.   While working with online creators, Larry got the inspiration to create his management company Ensemble Digital Studios and conceive of A Separate Entity.

Larry has received an Emmy Nomination as a Television producer for "Brian Wilson: I Just Wasn't Made For These Times," an Emmy win for his participation in the Interactive Series “Dirty Work” as well as a Grammy Nomination producing the music film "Forever Is a Long Time" for Don Was.