Miller + Miller connects advertisers and brands with esteemed directors & industry-recognized production partners. Our roster includes feature film, episodic television, and commercial filmmakers, experiential architects and engineers, and future technology designers and creative directors. We are creative problem solvers.


- Creative Agencies and Brands -


 We specialize in 3D animation, GIF's, short and long form loops and moving content. We live in a moving world, so why not take your visual content to motion too! We also know our way around virtual, augmented, 360 degree and mixed reality if you're into that sort of thing.


Visual design is what we're all about, from traditional to digital illustration, hand rendered and computer generated graphics. We are skilled in all forms of outputs for advertising, textiles and apparel, packaging, branding, type and more. Trust us, it's our job and we can do it all.


We love the experiential side of things, from projections and installations to hand painted murals. We have experience in intimate, engaging events as well as larger commercial scale projects. Indoor, outdoor, temporary or permanent, let us transform your space and make a physical impression!

- Film Production Companies -


In addition to artist representation, we offer consulting  services for creatives interested in gaining deeper insight in the creative world.

We assist emerging and established talent in building their careers through a customized approach to help you reach your creative goals.



As a representation firm, we offer services for artists worldwide that match our aesthetic and skill-set. We are constantly reviewing submissions for new talent and are always open to collaboration inquiries.

While we might not be able to respond to all new artists, we appreciate the opportunity to see new work!

If you're interested in sending your work along for review, please send us an email.


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