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Creative teams, agencies, and brands directly to produce brand-sponsored creative marketing content. Our esteemed network of diverse talent supplies us with production solutions for all types of creative campaigns.


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Broadcast and Digital advertising video campaigns, Social Media marketing campaigns & brand sponsored web-series, practical and tech-based experiential & live event marketing events…..and more.


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Meet T h e M I L L E R S


A brief history of the the biz.

Chloé, a lover of all types of stories, started her career in sports broadcasting at NBC Sports (formerly Comcast SportsNet) before transitioning to commercial talent management. She brings her journalism background, extensive talent relationship experience, and her refined creative storytelling passion to her role as the founding partner/agent and brand consultant. In her spare time, Chloé styles online dating profiles through her company- AND, SWIPE RIGHT and her latest venture is a wellness company providing house call Reiki sessions - E L E C T R I F I E D wellness. Combining her passions into her day-time hours, Chloé challenges herself to refine her storytelling abilities through different mediums.

Richard’s impact on the Advertising industry throughout his career has been pivotal. From his early days of grooming and mentoring other reps to his days as the managing director of a bi-costal national management agency, Creative Management Partners, Richard has worked with the industries top “get-me” directors, he has launched many directors careers to the “get-me” point, and he’s built multiple production companies through his deep and long-standing relationships in the midwest. His evolution with Advertising's shifting horizons has kept him on top of this problem-solving industry making him a pillar in the commercial talent management industry.

The two partnered in 2015 when they saw the harmonic relationship between a seasoned ad-man and a millennial with a passion for content creation and effective communication. Combining forces meant a meeting of a the minds - agent and publicist working together.

Proud members of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers

Proud members of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers

Chloé’s Highlights

  • A graduate of The Second City’s Improv Comedy program, Chloé tours through Chicago with her troupe - Tequila Hammock.

  • The Morning Bell, WGN RADIO - AM 720 profiled Chloé as a virtual reality expert. Listen here!

  • Chloé opened AND, SWIPE RIGHT offering professional creative services to online daters: styling, copywriting, and photography.

  • And for fun, Chloé offers restorative Reiki sessions on their shoots.

  • Chloé dabbles in that #talentlife - follow her on Instagram.

+ Additional Services +

Film Production & Wellness

We believe in a balanced production that’s why we’ve partnered with with E L E C T R I F I E D wellness to provide wellness treatments on Miller + Miller shoots. Offering restorative Reiki on-site and on-set, we work to energetically elevate the experience which is surprisingly easier than you think. Read more about that here.

Positioning for Online Presentation

We’ve been creatively translating for years and now we’re partnering with AND, SWIPE RIGHT to offer professional online positioning services. Our clients include individuals and business owners seeking online positioning assistance with the goal of empowerment through knowledge and at-hand resources. Read more about that here.


To create one must be able to respond. Creativity is the ability to respond to all that goes on around us, to choose from the hundreds of possibilities of thought, feeling, action, and reaction and to put these together in a unique response, expression or message that carries moment, passion and meaning.

- Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Ph. D.
American Poet