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New Signing at The Cavalry Productions

The Cavalry Productions signed director Laurence Dunmore for commercials and digital work in the U.S. Dunmore is a lauded Cannes Lion-winning director with credits for American Express, Dodge, AT&T, ING, Liberty Mutual, Bank of America, BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Mercedes, Dewar’s, Jameson, Lexus and Turkish Airlines.

Prior to The Cavalry, Dunmore was handled by production house Superprime, which he joined in 2015 after a lengthy tenure with RSA Films. He continues to be repped in France by The Gang Films.
Dunmore began his career in graphic design and art direction in the media and music industries before moving into directing. Dunmore was quickly signed by RSA, where he made a string of award-winning commercials and films.

Dunmore is also known for directing The Libertine, a feature film starring Johnny Depp. While shooting a Eurostar commercial with John Malkovich, the actor gave Dunmore the script for The Libertine, a darkly humorous Restoration-era drama which would become Dunmore’s feature film debut. The film was a visceral immersion into the troubled genius and debauched life of John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester. It was nominated for seven British Independent Film awards, including two for direction.

Dunmore has directed a number of iconic campaigns, perhaps none more so than for Tullamore DEW. “The Other Wall” spot features four friends dressed for a funeral, sitting on a wall in the rain, lamenting the demise of their brother Jerry, only to find Jerry’s funeral is his wedding. Or was his wedding his funeral? The spot took Silver at Cannes. Dunmore’s credits also span luxury brand work for Diesel, Giorgio Armani and Hermes, the latter winning an EPICA for Direction and Cinematography for his stunning 2016 Terre D’Hermes campaign.

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