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New Signing: Slash / Dynamic


Tanya Cohen Launches New Production Company Slash Dynamic

Executive producer, Tanya Cohen, has launched a new production company, Slash Dynamic - which has already completed its first project alongside Blizzard Entertainment. 

Syyn Labs, led by Adam Sadowsky, designed and constructed Hearthstone’s 'The Boomsday Project' which has already been viewed over 250,000 times on YouTube. This multi-faceted and new media project illustrates the progressive mindset of Slash Dynamic: “We are defined by the many passions that inspire and drive us. Not limited to a title or role, but a sum of everything we do and create,” says Cohen. “Our diverse talent roster, capabilities and approach reflect this philosophy. We craft content in every form. Storytelling without boundaries.”

Slash Dynamic collaborates with an impressive group of artists and storytellers. The diverse roster is comprised of award winning directors, content creators and technologists including: Travis Hanour, Laurence Dunmore, Kiran, Deluxe, Celine Tricart, Gregor Nicholas, Rojomotorz and experiential powerhouse Syyn Labs. 

Adjacent represents Slash Dynamic’s emerging media and technologists. The team is led by Jeff Taylor from Tech Crunch, and CD/director, Daniel Burwen, formerly of Jaunt. Cohen’s team of technologists, creatives and strategists are leading the way in blending cutting edge technology with creative ideas offering a holistic approach to emerging media, by studying trends across technology, arts, culture, and audience behaviour. 

The talent at Slash Dynamic has been busy and is in pre-production for several new projects. Laurence Dunmore just finished campaigns for Jagermeister, CBD breakout company, Stanley Bros. and Charlotte’s Web for Abel NYC. Kiran is prepping a Bridgestone project for Publicis Hawkeye. VR Director, Celine Tricart co-directed 'Sun Ladies' which was selected by the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, SXSW & Cannes Film Festival. 

The company reflects an extension of what was created through Cohen’s time at The Cavalry, building upon the creative alliances established, while creating a fresh vision for the future.

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