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New Signing at The Cavalry Productions

The Cavalry Productions has signed Kiran (Kiran Koshy), one of the breakout commercial directorial talents of the past year. Kiran’swork for Organic Doggie Treats and Atomic Candy, all directed in-house whilst a creative director at Innocean Worldwide, won him a BronzeClio, a pair of LIA statues, multiple Epicas, a Gold National Addy, and got him featured in SHOOT’s New Directors Showcase. 

He made the Best New Director shortlists at the Kinsale Shark Awards, the LIAs, and was featured in Shots, Adweek, and the New Talent section of Little BlackBook, all while an unsigned agency creative.

Comedy and music are often universal and defy stereotypical demographics. Kiran has the unique ability of using comedic timing that relates toand touches audiences from vastly different worlds. He has a strong male voice that can easily relate to women and men. In his campaign forSummers Eve, directed by Jeremy Bartel, “That’s Vaginal”, he put a spotlight on the double standard between men and women’s parts beingvoiced on television. Using a cat puppet and turning the word “Vaginal” into the new awesome. In this campaign, like many others, he drawsthe audience in with his wit and keeps them involved by encouraging them to participate.

Kiran understand the power of social media in today’s world and in this campaign created a twitter for the cat puppet. In recent campaigns like his Wes Anderson style spot for the Thousand Dollar Shave Club, he received 7.3 million views on YouTube and created a contest in which the viewer could win a trophy for procreating. Kiran has worked with acclaimed directors like Danny Kleinman, Brian Beletic Aaron Stoller, Frederik Bond, Martin Krejci, and Mike McGuire. His print campaign for Atomic Candy featuring the Presidential Election which now take permanent residency at the Poster House in NYC completely dedicated to posters, opening in 2019.

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