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Director, Director of Design. Director of Photography

Director, Director of Design.
Director of Photography

Joris got his start as a graffiti artist turned graphic designer & CG artist. After studying Fine Arts in France at L’École Des Beaux Arts, graduating from Supinfocom, and mastering in the VFX space at companies such as BUF, he moved into directing live action. As a director he utilizes all of the those pieces: graffiti, graphic aesthetic, urban feeling, youthful art culture, storytelling and CG into his work seamlessly. Bridging the space between his graphic and commercial worlds an making him what he is today as a director - someone with a great visual aesthetic who uses a variety of mixed media - 2D, 3D / Animation / Graphics / Stylized design - to extend storytelling capabilities in the most dynamic way. Using all of the artistic apparatuses available as “tools and not finalities,” to create inspiring pieces of art that span multiple mediums.

He has worked with Toyota, HTC, Dior, Lamborghini, Philip Morris International, and many others as well as print campaigns for clients including Orange, NIKE, and Azzaro. Additionally, Joris’ short film Requiem premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

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