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Ed McCulloch

FANCY Content director, Ed McCulloch is a top commercial director working as an auto director/car director, visual director for visual storytelling and emotional storytelling branded campaigns. His award-winning cinematic, big production, authentic storytelling and lifestyle vignettes convey powerful emotions - authentic lifestyle director.
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Nanno Jiskoot

FANCY Content director, Nanno Jiskoot is an award-winning top commercial director best known as a sports commercial director and a visual storytelling director. A winner of the Cannes Young Director Showcase, his work is emotional, powerful, graphic, cinematic, and visually stimulating. His big production emotional storytelling produces powerful images.
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Amit Mehta

FANCY Content director, Amit Mehta is a comedy commercial film director. His humor is funny, awkward, absurd, and performance directed. As a film director, Amit’s skills are balanced between visual comedy and dialog performances. A funny man making memorable brand campaigns.
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