Vaylian: Experiential+Tech

Vaylian: Experiential+Tech

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Damien D’Amico, Technology Director / Executive Creative Director

Damien D’Amico, Technology Director / Executive Creative Director

We are creators and storytellers. We direct and produce. We develop, design, model, animate and build…we bring ideas to life. We are an end-to-end solution – from initial concept to finished result.

Vaylian creates content and applications for top brands and businesses, on an array of emerging immersive and interactive platforms:

Augmented Reality / AR
Mixed Reality / MR
Microsoft HoloLens Authorized Developer
New and Developing HMD AR devices
Mobile Content / App Development
Stereoscopic gamified Virtual Reality / VR
Experiential installations

In addition, we are seasoned cinematic storytellers and visual effects artists who create and produce broadcast commercials and series television.

We are passionate about enhanced realities and are a turn-key solution for trendsetters looking to usher in the digital future. Our proprietary workflows coupled with our unique vision bring immense value to projects designed for the complete array of emerging platforms.

We are nimble, collaborative and wildly creative. We are Vaylian.



3D Production

Characters: Through 3D scanning and volumetric video capture, we digitize actors, celebrities, brand spokespeople and hosts for integration into everything from immersive brand experiences and experiential marketing programs to augmented reality content and interactive game applications.

Products and Environments: We digitize brand assets – from products and vehicles to indoor/outdoor landscapes and more. Through sophisticated photogrammetry, custom modeling and CAD/STEP file conversion, we integrate both existing and new brand assets into the immersive 3D brand experience.

Visual Effects

With our experience in the feature film industry, we are fluent in the special effects pipeline. This includes 3D animations, compositing, set extensions, rotoscoping and integration of CG characters.

Video Production

Our background is in video production. We engage the entire production workflow – from concept and script development to previz and casting, and then all the way through budgeting, scheduling and shoot-edit-deliver. We create visually striking content, whether for traditional 2D formats such as commercials, music videos and scripted/unscripted series or stereoscopic 360 VR platforms.

Experiential Design

Building complete solutions for experiential installations, we make immersive digital media the guiding force for the physical experience. Beyond the experiential installation, we develop for scalable platforms like mobile, web interactive and social media to maximize audience reach. This includes complete app development for iOS and Android, as well as any current VR Headset Platform. Additionally, we are certified developers for the Microsoft HoloLens AR platform. Your immersive 3D experiential assets can be scaled as far and wide as desired.




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