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We Are Scandinavia


Ben Fee   +   Alistair Legrand   +   Pete Lee   +   Matt Boman


We make content for commercials and films

Scandinavia was birthed in 2013 through friendship, common passion and the desire to tell great, compelling stories. This collective grew up making music videos, snowboard films and fashion films allowing the creative freedom to explore outside the box. This freedom coupled with years of clients experience enabled Scandinavia to seamlessly transition into the commercial world offering a professional and gratifying
ad-making process. Directors quickly developed a renowned client list including Nike, simplehuman, Uber, PG&E, Intel, OpenTable, Microsoft, Clorox, and more. Scandinavia clients are thoroughly impressed and engaged in the process from start to finish. The creativity not only exists in the storytelling but in a production process that fully supports the creative. 


  Ben Fee - Co Founder / Creative Director