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Peter Martin - Executive Creative Director   l   Damien D'Amico - Director / Technologist
Ross Grogan - Executive Producer   l   Sam Margolius - Executive VR Producer  


Announcing the launch of virtual and augmented reality company SPECTACLE. At the helm of this creative endeavor is creative technologist, Academy Award nominee and BAFTA award winner, Peter Martin. As SPECTACLE's Executive Creative Director, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge, partnering with experienced VR Producer Sam Margolius as the company's Executive Producer along with Executive Producer Ross Grogan and Chief Operating Officer Aric Ackerman of The Cavalry Productions.

Virtual reality is changing the future of storytelling. For the first time, audiences can fully immerse themselves into a story - viewers are now part of the experience. 

SPECTACLE seeks to revolutionize storytelling through content that uniquely interacts with audiences in ways that have never previously been available. VR / AR has the power to change the way media is produced, viewed, and distributed, and SPECTACLE is already paving the way for groundbreaking creations through it's visionary approach. 

SPECTACLE is a platform agnostic company that works with a number of technical partners, platforms and distributors. 

SPECTACLE's Executive Creative Director Peter Martin and Executive Producer Sam Margolius specialize in the ideation, creative development, and production of immersive content. Along with platform company WEVR, they created and recently released VR projects for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition and the upcoming VR music video for Run the Jewels, which is launching on the New York Times NYTVR app at SXSW 2016.