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The Cavalry Productions


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The Cavalry Productions is a global boutique that creates astounding

commercial imagery for both broadcast and the digital world.

Our creative direction and talent pool mirror that of a

traditional cavalry – versatile, mobile, and commanding.


Ross Grogan (LA) - Founder, Executive Producer   +    Tanya Cohen (LA) - Executive Producer  
Guy Péchard (Paris) - Executive Producer     

Ross Grogan

Ross Grogan has been working diligently in production for over 17 years. Early in his career he had the opportunity to develop his professionalism at a multitude of high profile production houses, inlcuding RSA with director Tony Scott.

In 2009 he focused on honing his creative abilities yet still stayed budget conscious as he headed up the west coast production team for a New York based company. During this time, he Line Produced over thirty episodes of original content and managed an additional forty-five projects with such clients as Tylenol, Tiffany and Co., Gifts.com, Depeche Mode, and others.

As 2009 came to a close, Ross was approached by a friend to come on board as Head of Development at Nitrous Visual Effects. Within a short time Ross helped land the #1 new series NCIS: Los Angeles, among other projects. As a founding member of The Cavalry Productions, Ross Grogan brings an extensive grasp of the industry, from development through production to post, remaining fiscally vigilant and dedicated to the quality of a final product.

Tanya Cohen

After a successful run developing and producing feature films and TV, Tanya landed in London as a talent agent at the William Morris Agency. After 5 years of working with some of the most prolific talent in the industry and countless adventures traveling the world, she came back home and landed in advertising.

Initially working in sales and marketing, she then joined award winning VFX Studio Digital Domain to launch Mothership, a content studio representing tech savvy talent, resulting in many bold and innovative projects across platforms. Her collaboration with director Vance Malone, led them to an exciting partnership with The Cavalry. 

Her experience as a creative producer, business development + sales exec and talent manager gives her distinct perspective across the entertainment and adverting landscape.


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