We understand that creative ideas originate in the weird places and at the most unusual times. Sometimes this means long days, late nights, another cup of coffee, delivery for dinner and back in the office early again tomorrow. Production is similar, long laborious days, intense travel schedules, late warps followed by early call times, the job requirements take a toll on our bodies.

Let’s just say it - production is stressful. 

With all the hurry up and wait, anxiety builds and with so many moving pieces a crazy production story isn’t all that uncommon. But it doesn’t have to be this way.



Chloé is passionate about stress management and relaxation techniques. She’s explored a variety of activities that could be broadly categorized as “wellness” (ask her about the one time she went on an Indian Hatha yoga retreat in Lake Como), but through her experiences she found relaxation techniques that travel, have little to no prep-work, and the benefits work immediately. We’ partnered with ELECTRIFIED wellness to provide wellness services on-set.

From her experiences, she created a seamless Film Production + Wellness program blending two her knowledge and experience to

ELECTRIFIED wellness image - Private Reiki



As a wellness concierge, our network of wellness partners is global.
No mater where we shoot, we can provide restorative and stress management services around the world.

: Agencies & Clients select which wellness services they would like before the shoot. Our concierge will arrange the details to seamlessly provide those services daily and in accordance with the production schedule so that there is no disruption to the shoot. In other words, we promote creative excellence by positioning our minds to perform optimally.

  • Yoga

    • (1 hour) A Private Yoga class with a certified yoga instructor of the desired discipline: Hatha, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin…

  • Meditation

    • (30 minutes) A private/group meditation focusing on the desired discipline: breath work, mindfulness, gratitude, Chakra alignment, sound bowls, intentional manifesting…

  • Reiki

    • (30 minutes) Private Reiki session designed to clear energetic blockages from an individuals body reducing stress by downgrading the nervous system.

    • (30 minutes) Group Reiki sessions designed to provide emotional relief from stressful environments through energetic purification. This is especially helpful when shooting in odd locations that can create additional production challenges.


mindfulness promotes focus and focus improves creativity